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Powering futures with Sovereign Wealth

A new brand and digital strategy to set Sovereign apart from their peers.

The Story

Sovereign Wealth, a large wealth management practice with a diverse range of advisers, has a bold vision for the future. They asked us to create a new energetic brand and marketing strategy that represents the entrepreneurial drive behind Sovereign and appeals to their wide demographic of current and future clients. The resulting brand was built on the theme of ‘Powering Futures’ and showcases the diversity and breadth of service that Sovereign offer and brings to life the amazing difference their work makes to their client’s lives. The brand rollout saw an entirely new digital strategy deployed, creating a main corporate web platform and then giving each of their regional Advisers their own website within the Sovereign ecosystem to tailor their content around their specialisms and demographic.


“A Story Called were head and shoulders above the other agencies in terms of their thirst to really understand the company. They were determined to create the future vision for our brand and over 100 associates within our network.”

Paul Hursthouse

Group Operations Director

Sovereign Wealth

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