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Sovereign Wealth is a financial planning firm committed to powering prosperity. Founded in 2009, their continuing growth meant they needed a new brand that would position them as a standalone entity, fitting their expansion plans and helping to propel them forward.

After looking at a few design agencies to work on the project, Sovereign chose A Story Called.

We asked Paul Hursthouse, Group Operations Director, to tell us about the project.


As a financial services firm in a highly-regulated industry, it was always going to be a challenge to create a brand that could set Sovereign apart while still appealing to prospective clients.

Their existing brand was not fit for the size of their growing business, however, and change was needed. The end goal for Sovereign as a growing entity was to position them as a standalone business through a new brand, including physical and digital marketing collateral, and a new website.

“A Story Called were head and shoulders above the other agencies in terms of their thirst to really understand the company. They were determined to create the future vision for our brand and over 100 associates within our network.”

Paul Hursthouse Sovereign’s Group Operations Director


Taking Sovereign on a journey of brand discovery, A Story Called took time during the initial stages to work with Sovereign to understand who they are, why they do what they do, and how they wanted to be perceived.

To position ourselves as a leader in the wealth management market, we need potential clients to know that we’re different so we can attract new clients and new advisers to our existing pool of talent,” says Paul Hursthouse. To do this, A Story Called worked with us to bring out our reasons for why we do what we do. Once we’d defined our why, they presented us with themes and imagery to get us on the path to a new strapline and eventually a new logo. To our team, Sovereign means strength and empowerment, and this is very much reflected in the logo and accompanying images which were selected.”

“For our advisers, many of whom have an incredible entrepreneurial drive, A Story Called’s strategy for our website incorporated advisers’ own local sites – and that’s created a newfound enthusiasm, says Paul. This means you can click through from our leading site to their own microsite. The adviser can customise their site to reflect any specialism in the advice they provide.

A Story Called have also created a social media support package for our advisers, enabling them to engage and drive traffic to their webpage through social media activity. They’ve also worked with our advisers on their LinkedIn profiles and activity. A Story Called brought a lot of energy and new ideas to the business. Their collaboration with our team has delivered exactly what we needed.”



“The feedback we’ve had from clients has been brilliant. They like the new branding and website, and it’s been a very positive response, continues Paul. A Story Called are now keeping our new website up-to-date with engaging content and videos.

We’re a rapidly growing business and A Story Called’s branding and web development activities have supported our business to grow from managing funds of £1 billion in 2018 to over £2 billion in 2022. Their work has definitely supported our continued upward growth trajectory.”


What's Next?

With so much accomplished so far, this is only the start for Sovereign.

Our numbers keeping growing in the UK, with both advisers, support team and clients continuing to rise. We’re currently expanding into Asia, and are continuing to work with A Story Called as we start to work with businesses in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Finally, Paul explains why other businesses could benefit from working with A Story Called.

“The process they followed to understand us and our business and to draw out our feelings about our business, was a core part of the process. This is why we selected them. They took time to peel back the layers and fully understand Sovereign before we got to work. Because we spent that time, we know our how and why. I would wholeheartedly recommend them.”

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