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Unparalleled service with McGarvey Jones

Manchester based Financial Planning practice McGarvey Jones enlisted our support to launch their brand into the digital world.

The story

McGarvey Jones held a distinct vision for the operation of a Financial Planning practice in the 21st Century. They entrusted us with the task of transforming this vision into reality through a pioneering and imaginative approach to branding and communications. Our collaboration with them extends across the entirety of their business’s communications and marketing efforts, culminating in a cohesive strategy for brand development.

The story


Working with the team at McGarvey Jones to develop a strong brand portfolio to showcase their client centric approach.


A series of video bulletins on key financial topics and supporting business photography for team member and events.


A bespoke website designed & produced to present the wide range of services, with a content plan to keep clients educated, entertained and informed.


Articles programs aimed at informing and entertaining the client base with regular topical blogs and posts across the marketing network.


Presentation tools designed to explain the options available to clients in a visually appealing way, with infographics and tools built in to assist the demonstration.


A quarterly client newsletter created to keep the audience well informed of vital market news, practice information and updates.


Produced to explain key services, approaches and legislative news. Created to offer a simple, clear and concise level of information for clients.


Producing bespoke illustration and data visualisation to accompany campaigns and marketing materials.


“I’ve immensely enjoyed working with the team at A Story Called. They grasped instantly my intention of building a brand that was a cut above the standard financial businesses and to create high quality marketing materials that my team of advisers are proud to use. The website has been a great success and we look forward to building on it with some exciting plans in the pipeline. I strongly advise engaging with A Story Called if you are considering developing your marketing.”

Richard McGarvey

Managing Director

McGarvey Jones Financial Planning

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