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Writing creative job ads that stand out

In today’s competitive job market, writing job ads that stand out is crucial for attracting the right candidates and encouraging them to apply. A well-crafted job ad not only conveys the essential information but also showcases your company’s culture, values, and the exciting opportunities the role offers. 

Here are some tips to help you create job ads that stand out:

Start with a Clear Job Title

The job title should be clear, specific, and engaging. It should accurately reflect the role while grabbing the reader’s attention. If you work in a more informal industry you could introduce creative job titles that capture the essence of the role while also piquing curiosity. For example, ‘Coding Wizard’ instead of ‘Software Developer.’

Make the Opening Compelling

Start with a compelling introduction that highlights the value of the position and the impact it has on the organisation. Address the candidate directly and explain why they should be interested. Remember to make sure your language is inclusive and avoids any biases. This helps attract a diverse pool of candidates.

Use Headers and Sub-headers

Introduce catchy headers and sub-headers to break down the information and keep candidates engaged as they skim through the ad. Experiment with creative language to really paint a picture of the role and what it’s like to work at your organisation. You could also use analogies and visual metaphors to help candidates understand the role’s significance

Incorporate Storytelling

Try starting with a short, engaging story or anecdote that showcases the role’s impact or highlights a successful employee’s journey within the company. Include references to your company culture such as team events, traditions, and collaborative spirit. This personal touch adds authenticity to the ad and helps people visualise themselves as part of your team.

Use the Right Tone of Voice

Use a distinctive voice and tone that matches your company’s culture and infuses your personality into the ad. If your company is playful and innovative, your ad can reflect that through witty language and a casual tone. Conversely, if your culture is more traditional you can convey that by using a formal tone of voice and structure.

Play with Format

Instead of a traditional bullet-point format, consider using a more creative layout that aligns with the role’s nature. For instance, you could use something like ‘Top 5 Reasons to Join Us’ or ‘A Picture of our Ideal Candidate’. However, remember that many candidates browse job ads on mobile devices, so ensure your ad is easily readable and navigable on both desktop and mobile screens.

Emphasise Unique Benefits

Highlight what sets your company apart and makes it unique – whether it’s a positive work culture, opportunities for growth, innovative projects, flexible work arrangements, a supportive team or unique perks. You could feature quotes and testimonials from current employees which communicate why they like working for your company and what makes it stand out.

Showcase Growth Opportunities

Explain how the role fits into the company’s career path and how employees can grow professionally within the organisation. Describe the role’s contribution to the company’s goals and overall mission. Candidates want to know how their work will make a difference.

Use Visuals and Multimedia

Incorporate visuals, such as images, infographics or videos, that give candidates a glimpse of the work environment and company culture. You could also add interactive elements like quizzes, puzzles, or challenges related to the job. This can engage candidates and give them a taste of the role’s requirements.

Don’t Forget Calls to Action

Clearly state how candidates should apply, and what the process will be. If you need the candidate to submit a CV or complete an online application, then provide the facility to do so. If possible include a deadline to create a sense of urgency and encourage prompt applications.

Remember that while creativity is important, the job ad should still accurately convey the role’s responsibilities, qualifications, and benefits. Finding the right balance between creativity and informative content is key to creating a job ad that stands out while attracting the right candidates. It can make sense to engage the skills of a professional creative copywriter as they are experienced in striking just the right tone of voice to encapsulate the unique culture of different organisations.


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