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Sharing good news stories across your business

Sharing good news across your business is a great way to foster a positive and motivated work environment. However, all too often it is only the bad news and problems that get air time as they feel more urgent. In this blog we highlight the importance of making time for positive internal communications and look at some of the most effective ways to share good news stories in a corporate setting.

Email Newsletters

Sending out regular email newsletters to your team is one of the most tried and tested ways of highlighting positive news and achievements. They can be used to feature success stories, employee spotlights, and any other positive business developments. Done well they don’t have to be boring and you can use visuals such as photos or infographics to make the content even more engaging.

Intranet or Internal Communication Platform

Utilising your company’s intranet or internal communication software is an even easier way to share good news. You could create a dedicated section for success stories and updates which will encourage employees to share their achievements and experiences. And if you don’t already have an intranet then there are many cost-effective platforms available on a subscription basis that will do the job just as well.

Team Meetings

Whilst online communications can be a great method of disseminating information, there is nothing better than face to face meetings to communicate good news. Whether conducted remotely or in person, sharing good news during team meetings will ensure that everyone hears it firsthand. And if you find internal messages often get overlooked, you could create a ‘Good News’ item on your regular team meeting agenda and encourage team members to share their own positive experiences.

Social Media

Sharing success stories on your company’s social media channels means that the good news can also be appreciated by those outside the business. You can use social media to highlight achievements, milestones, and positive customer feedback which will all add to a positive online footprint. And remember to use relevant hashtags and encourage employees to engage with and share the posts, as this will all help in spreading the word.

Recognition Programmes

For larger organisations it can be helpful to establish an employee recognition programme to more formally acknowledge and reward achievements. Whether voted by managers or peers, these sorts of awards are always welcomed by employees and can also be used to celebrate work anniversaries, promotions, and other milestones. You could consider quarterly, or even monthly, awards for outstanding performance.

Internal Blogs

Setting up an internal blog where employees can contribute and share their success stories is another way you can foster good news sharing. Encourage different teams and departments to write about their accomplishments and make the blog as easily accessible as possible to all employees. Setting up a rota can help to ensure that everyone gets an equal share of voice.

Digital Signage

If your workplace has digital screens or displays, you can use them to showcase good news.

Make sure the content is visually appealing and easy to read and display rotating positive news, announcements, and achievements. And even if you only have an old-fashioned noticeboard, this can be the perfect place to get your message out there.

Employee Recognition Events

The ultimate good news platform is a dedicated event or ceremony to publicly recognise and celebrate achievements. It enables you to invite employees, teams, or departments to share their success stories and creates a positive and celebratory atmosphere. However, even if you haven’t got the time or budget to host a full blown event, a simple awards ceremony at a social event or xmas party can be just as effective.

Podcasts or Webinars

Moving footage is often a lot more engaging than the written word, so hosting podcasts or webinars featuring employees discussing their success stories can be a great way of getting positive messages out there. They can be used to share insights, challenges, and the lessons learned from their experiences. Make sure you allow for questions and interactions to make them even more engaging.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Finally, it is important to encourage a culture of peer-to-peer recognition across your business, where employees acknowledge each other’s achievements and take pride in their success. You can help to foster this by providing a forum for employees to give shoutouts or express gratitude. Consider incorporating a recognition wall or board in a common area or even better a digital equivalent on a shared platform.

Remember, the key is to create a positive and inclusive culture where employees feel valued and motivated. Regularly celebrating successes can contribute significantly to employee morale and overall team satisfaction. It can feel difficult and unnatural at first, but over time it will quickly gather momentum and become an integral part of your internal communications process. Getting external support can be a great way of kick-starting your programme – so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need some expert advice and support.

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