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Breakfast time with Flavours Foods

Flavours Foods, a highly quality food manufacturer, approached us to create a new brand with health and convenience in mind, for busy lives.

The story

The first product in the TickTock line is a range of bircher-style soaked oats. With three great flavours developed by the Flavours chefs, we very much enjoyed sampling the creations. Step one was to create a brand name, that conveyed convenience and ease. However, it was important that this was not positioned as too strongly ‘convenience focussed’ so the design style and packaging concept needed to demonstrate quality.

We are working hard with Flavours to help them launch the range in outlets across the North. With some great initial feedback on the product, there is a great deal of optimism for the brand’s future growth.

Keep your eye out for TickTock and please give it a try, the Coconut & Lime flavour was the studio fave.


Launching TickTock has been a really exciting time for the business and A Story Called were a great choice to work with on the project. Creative, professionals and full of ideas – we are really pleased with the results and raring to get the product out and let people try some great food on the go.

Daniel Hattee


Flavours Foods Ltd

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