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Demonstrating versatility with Conti

Conti Wipes have been a leading brand within the NHS for over 35 years.

Selecting the best

With a large range of wipes all designed for specific purposes, the Conti sales team required a tool to explain key features to NHS procurement. The NHS could save thousands of pounds per trust by selecting the best product for the job.

Our comparison tool was designed to be used in person by the Conti team to compare product features, uses, materials and expense. The device could then be left with the customer for further use and assistance ordering the correct product.

The design was simple and clean, utilising the product colour coding (Nurses often refer to the wipes as ‘the red ones’ not by brand name!). Infographics allowed quick reference to compare features and order info was supplied on the reverse.


“Our team have had a lot of success using this tool; it’s another example of a simple, creative and practical solution produced for us by A Story Called to aid our customer-facing sales and marketing teams.”

Chris Socratous

Senior Product Manager

Synergy Health

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