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A brave new world for Tweed Wealth

Creative branding, website platform and marketing for a fast growing UK Financial Services business.


Tweed Wealth Management, a forward-thinking financial planning firm based in Scotland, embarked on a journey to establish a standalone brand that would set them apart in the competitive financial industry. Co-founded by Alison Welsh and Chris Tweed, they sought to differentiate themselves from other advice firms and create a unique identity that resonated with both employees and clients. It was important that the new identity truly represented their values and showcased Tweed’s energetic and dynamic entrepreneurial flair.

The Challenge

Like many financial advice practices, Tweed Wealth Management grew from humble beginnings, driven by the ambition to build something more substantial than a lifestyle business. With a focus on inclusivity and breaking down barriers to entry in the financial sector, Tweed aimed to offer opportunities to individuals who otherwise struggled to enter the industry. As Alison Welsh, Co-Founder and MD at Tweed, explains.

“As Tweed expanded, both through our marketing plan and through acquisitions, we wanted to establish a distinct brand identity and cultivate a brand perception for our niche clientele that reflected Tweed’s values and mission.

The Process.

“We met with A Story Called, who helped us articulate and visualise Tweed’s new brand identity. Paul led the creative process from A Story Called, whose operational expertise and creative vision helped us realise the Tweed brand transformation. Our new brand encompassed not just a logo but a comprehensive brand strategy tailored to our target audience and future goals.

“Working with Paul and A Story Called was invaluable. They helped us shape our brand into something that truly reflects who we are and what we stand for.”

“Good brand positioning is crucial in the financial industry. The sector is inundated with options, but a clear brand which reflects your business becomes vital, particularly when catering to high-net-worth clients. Tweed’s commitment to holistic financial planning and its distinct brand identity sets us apart, instilling trust and confidence in our clients and our employees.

“In financial planning, trust is paramount. A strong brand position not only differentiates us but also fosters trust and credibility among our clients.”

"Our partnership with A Story Called has been invaluable in articulating our brand vision and positioning."

Alison Welsh

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Tweed Wealth

The Impact.

“The establishment of Tweed Wealth Management as a standalone brand has delivered great results. Clients recognise and value Tweed’s commitment to excellence. We are so proud of the Tweed brand, and this, coupled with our recent award wins, feeds our growing reputation within the industry. Additionally, Tweed’s brand identity has attracted top talent, further fuelling our growth and success.”

“Following on from the rebrand, A Story Called built and managed our website, and we also work closely with A Story Called on our marketing projects. Together, we have crafted targeted outreach campaigns for prospects and clients and created all kinds of bespoke designs for our invites and Christmas cards, really helping ensure a consistent brand messaging across all touchpoints. Through their multifaceted support, A Story Called not only helps us maintain a strong brand presence but also enhances our ability to connect with clients and drive business growth.”

"Our journey with A Story Called has been transformative, laying the foundation for our future success."

Alison Welsh

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Tweed Wealth Management

What's Next?

Looking ahead, Tweed aims to continue our growth path, building on our strong brand foundations to expand our services and reach. With a focus on maintaining our forward-thinking approach, our unique identity, and the ability to deliver exceptional client experiences, we remain one of Scotland’s premier financial firms.

“Our journey with A Story Called has been transformative. As we look to the future, we are excited to build upon our brand foundation and further solidify Tweed’s position as a leader and innovator.”


Many thanks to Alison for kindly providing this client story.
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