Dublin Zoo

The Brief

Dublin Zoo recently launched their incredible ‘Orangutan Forest’. As part of this project they wanted to highlight the dangers of Palm Oil on the Orangutan population. Working alongside our friends at Story Lab, an excellent PR company, we produced a campaign to deliver key facts.

The Problem

Palm Oil is one of the main reason for deforestation which is destroying the homes of Orangutans. It is the most widely used vegetable oil on the planet, accounting for 65% of all vegetable oil traded internationally.

Not just the facts…

Our brief was to produce an info-graphic that not only displayed the facts but also encouraged support of the campaign. With each element being carefully crafted we delivered a graphic for both print and digital use.

Making a difference

Working on a project that can make a difference is always rewarding. The campaign was launched into the Irish Independent, backed by comprehensive PR support by Story Lab to highlight how people can really make a difference.

Carrying the fight

The campaign aim is to ensure that Dublin Zoo are at the forefront of Organgutan protection and awareness. We hope to carry on the awareness to ensure the choice between palm oil or Orangutans is spread far and wide and makes a global difference. This is a serious issue and we are not monkeying around (sorry!).

Find out more at Dublin Zoo’s Orangutan Forest page.

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