A year of great content

Make 2018 a year of GREAT content

What does this year have in store for your business? Maybe you are looking for opportunities to grow or diversify, attract new customers and try something new to stand out from the crowd?

Whatever your goal; content is king! We are all bombarded with it everyday so as consumers we’re becoming savvy, we won’t read it all and if finding the information we want is too difficult we’ll just move on.

To give you a helping hand here is 5 great content options to help get your message across…

5) Animation

Why do we love it?

It’s snappy, succinct and affordable. It can explain complex propositions in a visual way. It can demonstrate your company persona and showcase your brand. It’s easy for the viewer and much more engaging. Facebook and social channels LOVE video.

Educational, informative and fun, have a look at some of our recent animation pieces and read more about how it can help you.


4) Photography

Why do we love it?

Mobile phones make everyone photographer these days, or at least think they are! A quick phone shot with an arty filter can be fine for social media but for more longer lasting material such as your website, brochures and emails you need quality.

Stock photography is a popular option, making good images accessible, but can you be sure your competitors won’t have the same image on their home page? If you’ve picked the strongest image then everyone else will too.

Imagery is personal. It is you and your business. Whether it is your people or your products a strong library of images will last. We have worked with clients this year to photograph their office space, their schools and their food products, and it has brought their offering to life.

We’ve collated some of the highlights of recent shoots so you can see for yourself.

3) Infographics

Why do we love it?

Sticking with visual sources of content; infographics are a great way to make even the most confusing information simple and fun. Whether you are promoting services and features, demonstrating statistics and research or delivering key company facts they can reduce the need for pages and pages of text that, let’s be honest, no one ever reads!

We love designing them too, each one is unique and gives the designers chance to turn stats and facts into icons and illustrations.

Discover more reasons why infographics can work for you.

2) Email

Why do we love it?

Despite all the new platforms and technology out there email is most definitely here to stay! Why? Because it is in your pocket and always visible. You just have to make sure what you have to say is relevant, precise and interesting – easy!

Data is also key, making sure you have a reliable source of email addresses and you are targeting the right people – that’s why we’re here though, we can help you understand how that works and manage all aspects of the campaign.

We took a closer look earlier in the year as to why email continues to be the most cost effective way to reach your audience; you can read it here.

1) Live Video

Thanks to Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Live 250 million ‘stories’ are produced everyday and uploading relevant content, short term offers and insights puts brands at the top of users feeds; and they are a big hit. As well as content planning it’s going to be imperative to have a strategy in place for well timed, well thought out ephemeral content as well.

It might seem a bit overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be a monologue of you talking! Give us a call and we can talk to you about the best solution for your business.

Keep an eye on our articles for info coming soon on Live Video and other content ideas.

Essentially content is telling a story. To make any of these formats work your story needs to be relevant, well written and part of a larger marketing plan.
It requires a long term vision; someone won’t buy from you based on one post – you have to be consistent, informative and provide regular, high quality content. They might take a while to convert to a sale/enquiry/meeting but when they are ready your business will be front of mind.

To talk about your content needs please contact Kate Greenhalgh on 01204 559551 or email kate@astorycalled.co.uk