Focus On: The Infographic

The rise of the infographic

There’s no stopping the rise of the infographic. Yes, everyone loves them, and with good reason too. A good infographic can make even the most confusing things simple and entertaining. Which is great if, like us, your attention span is a little limited! Perfect for promoting services and features, demonstrating statistics and research and delivering key facts and much more. So we wanted to take a look at why they are so popular and, more importantly, what are the key elements to making them work.

Why are infographics effective?

1 – They make complex information easy to digest, quickly

2 – They are visually appealing and attractive

3 – They are highly shareable

Let’s take a closer look at these three reasons

1: We are overloaded with information

Everyday we are bombarded with information, and as vast as the human brain is there is a limit to how much we can process. Studies reveal that we are exposed to 174 newspapers full of information, every single day! 

So a great infographic helps us to quickly absorb chunks of info, without having to read reams of words. Whether it’s education or entertainment – we crave the info we need and anything that can speed up that process is very welcome.

Source: The Telegraph

2: We love eye catching creative content

We don’t need a degree in semiotics to know that signs and pictures communicate quicker than words. After all, 65% of us are ‘visual learners’ and we want to be presented with content in a visually appealing way. Effective visual learning helps us to thrive by processing that information quicker and more effectively. Let’s face it, reading pages and pages of content can be a challenge even if we are interested in the subject, but a well presented visual can give us a quick insight into the content and present key facts at a glance. 

3: We like to share

Infographics are not just great because they help us to digest content, we also love to share them. Where we may not be inclined to share a long complex article, if there is a brief graphical aid that is presented nicely as a singular image we are more happy to share it to introduce the article. So an effective infographic can generate a result across online especially if it answers questions on a niche topic succinctly and in an entertaining way.

So, how do you make a top class infographic?

Great content

It all starts with great content – the topic must be engaging. It must entice the viewer to want more, then deliver quick essential information in bite size chunks. We have created a wide range of infographics covering different topics in different themes. In particular we have found that lists (top 10’s), research and timelines work incredibly well. And of course it’s not just fun and quirky themes that work, take a look at the example we produced for IT Sligo and you will see it can deliver an effective academic message also.

Great Design

Creative-wise the great thing about an Infographic project is it gives a lot of room for fun, colourful design and can often initiate further ideas from the core graphic. We have turned Infographics into animations, leaflets, social media posts, adverts and much more – using their clear and eye catching style across various marketing channels. The style is dictated by the content and theme, from quirky and fun through to robust and clean – we produce the design to fit the message.

 A few examples of recent infographics we have produced

Like to know more?

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