Focus On: Animation

Focus on: Animation

Capture the imagination…

Some will say it’s 6 seconds, others as generous as 12, but whoever you believe one thing is for certain – the human attention span is well, quite short. So, if you have read this far, I guess we are doing an OK job!

As marketers it’s a challenge that has to be met. You have wonderful products and services to sell, great content ideas, all manner of tactics to deploy to try to engage with your audience. So what can animation do that others can’t?

Well, the answer is as simple as a click of a button. For the ‘user’ it requires minimal effort, press play, sit back and let the marketeer do the work. It doesn’t cost the earth either, you can get a simple quick message across in a visual way.

Press play, and relax

Entertain us! That is the request. Don’t sell to me, don’t hassle me, just entertain me and I just might give you a slim fraction of my attention for a few moments.  To answer that request – animation is the perfect medium. If you are brave enough to drop the old hat sales & marketing act and accept the reality that people want information to be presented in an engaging way then you can meet that demand. Make it easy for your audience, let them press play and relax.

I’m here to stay

Animation has had an incredible journey. From early pioneers of stop frame & cartooning through to the wonders crafted by the likes of Pixar and Dreamworks, it’s a form of entertainment that holds no bounds. The advantage for a business is that no matter how complex or in-depth your message, there is ALWAYS a way to present it in a simple animated form.


A piece to showcase the amazing facilities and care offered at Acorn Park School, an incredible provision for Autistic Children in Norfolk.


An introduction to the Workforce mission to help reduce the skills gap in the UK by promoting opportunities to a global audience of talented workers.


Helping to fight the decline of the high street through enhancing stores with creative, intelligent technology.


A unique way of tackling the shortage of Nursing staff through promoting NHS Tameside through a social media campaign.


Telling the story of an amazing product that saves and transforms lives of people with Epilepsy and their families.

Like to know more?

If you would like to know more about how animation can help your business, or have a potential project please feel free to get in touch today on 01204 559551 or email Natasha Cuddy.