An adventure into the unknown with Alert-iT

Going where no agency had gone before…

Alert-iT came to us in 2015 in need of a help to market their best-in-class plesiocare product range, a range of products and solutions to help people with Epilepsy by alerting parents or carers to a seizure, which often occur at night. They also have a range of solutions to prevent falls and to aid with caring for ones with dementia and other medical issues.

Though they have been an innovative and successful business for over 15 years they have built the business on direct relationships and referrals. Design and marketing has never been at the forefront of their priorities and their sales marketing tools were in need of an overhaul.

Our brief was to inject some new life into their brand and marketing with a range of visual alterations, without rebranding the organisation or loosing their values of personal service which has given them a superb reputation in the industry.

Alert iT’s marketing materials lacked impact and did not reflect the incredible quality and innovation in their products. Our mission was to change that.

Modern technology needs a modern image

Bold new colours.

New colours, for a new start.

The brand colours were well recognised in their sector, but the dark blue was very over powering. By extending the colour palette of the Alert-iT brand, adding in two more sympathetic swatches, we were able to bring much more variety to the designs, creating more contrast and visual interest to both printed and digital media. Our materials focussed on clean white space with the colours used to accent features, rather than dominating the communication.Key brand colours were tweaked and product category colours were refined to give a clarity to all communications.

New brochures, brought to life.

A fresh new visual style to make Alert-iT’s printed materials as impressive as the products they contain.

All new media is colour co-ordinated with the particular area of care for quick and easy recognition and product familiarity.

Picturing your products.

Quality products deserve quality photography.

Before refreshing the overall brand image, we gave Alert-iT’s product photography a new lease of life.

A digital presentation, designed to impress.

With a key strategic aim for Alert iT being to develop their uptake in NHS and professional care settings a show stopping presentation piece was required..

We produced a digital presentation that could be tailored to each customer base, giving Alert iT flexibility and impact in their meetings.

Intriguing infographics.

When you’re working with advanced technology, you can expect a lot of information to come with it.

Well, “A picture paints a thousand words”, so that’s what we did. Our solution was to produce a series of infographics which could be emailed in PDF format to clients, breaking down all the jargon into fun, bitesized chunks.

Animating campaigns with video.

Not content with just static content.

Video helps to enhance new campaign design on digital platforms by bringing to life testimonial stories, product guides, tutorials and more.

Exciting new email marketing.

With the constant on-the-go nature of modern life, eye-catching email campaigns create a multimedia avenue for promoting the latest advancements in plesiocare technology.

A refreshing mix of video, animation and all the latest news, straight to the right audiences, delivered a new dimension to Alert-iT’s marketing strategy.

Eye-catching exhibition design.

Standing out at exhibition shows is a must.

Bright new display graphics continue the new vision of Alert-iT from print & digital, translating it into their face-to-face marketing for full brand consistency.

All new e-commerce website.

And last but not least… Online.

With an ambition to drive more business through their Ecommerce website, we worked with their development team to produce an overall visual refresh of the main website and revamp of their e-commerce page created a more user-friendly experience for consumers and business’ wishing to order online to increase traffic and conversion.

The End… (Not quite!)

It’s been a great adventure with Alert iT to transform their marketing and give them the tools they need to accomplish their growth objectives. But, this is just the start! With new products in constant development and new distribution channels opening up there is a huge amount of work on the go to keep building on this first year of transformation. 2017 saw the brand secure distribution in key European target countries as part of the the global expansion plan, a very exciting area that we are helping the team develop their offering for.

The most important and rewarding aspect is hearing the comments and thoughts from parents and carers who use Alert iT’s products and in some cases they have literally been life saving. To have a small part in helping people discover these innovative solutions is very rewarding for us. We look forward to many years of partnership and plenty more adventure!

“A Story Called have had an incredible effect on our business, we now have sales & marketing tools we are so proud to use and the feedback from our customers has been incredible. I would wholeheartedly recommend them for their creativity, commitment and integrity, they have gone above and beyond on numerous occasions this year to help us achieve our goals. I look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship with the entire team.”

Tony Bullars, Sales Director

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